Female Rap Influences n Shit 🎤

I Fuckin’ Love Lauryn Hill.. Beautiful voice, Maddd Swag, Dope MC, Always respected the craft, So much grace.

Haters tried to shit on baby girl but she still killed it. 13 at the Apollo and shit.

Mainstream Music Industry Game Changers

MC Lyte  Came thru with the tomboy swag, voice hard AF! My Husband said he had a crush on her when he was lil. Nobody at the time was coming thru like Lyte. Real fuckin MC.

Ms. Roxanne Shante Started this whole Fem C movement. Respect ya elders.

Queen Latifah – Hail the mothafucn’ Queen. Who you callin a BITCH! They don’t put on a good show like they use to do they, Basic hoes take notes.

Salt n Pepa – First female rap duo to kill the charts, straight up trendsetterz. Had my brother goin crazy when he heard this on the radio “Like man I remember when this first came out when I was in grade school shit was so Live”. 

Da Brat – Before Young M.A the Brat was the Daddy of Fem C’s 

I still fux with Young M.A tho, she dope lol.

Lil Kim – Ushered in that raunchy “Hoe is life shit, notable clones include Nicki Minaj who also can spit, and a host of alllll the other prostitute rap chicks that don’t care about the craft. This the wave the sick industry loves to promote the hell out of right now. Sex sells smh. Dope ass Spitter, Decent performer. The Original is always better than the clone.

Howwwwever Don’t believe these Bitches when they promote female empowerment and self love when they do this type of shit to they self. 
lil kim

Yall mofucas stank. 💩

When You Thought you was a Queen until you met A Real 1.

Justina Valentine – For this freestyle she did on Sway “Five fingers of death” some of ya favs can’t even hang. Say what you want about the Valentine she ain’t no wack plastic ass Iggy and you can tell her love for Hip Hop is true.

Missy Elliot – So gotdamn creative and unique, Produce, Perform, write, Sing, and still making music talk about a real love for it. Missy from another fuckin planet.


Mia X – Killed this shit

Chyna Whyte – Dope verse on Lil jon BIA BIA

Bahamadia – Smooth ass voice, Fire storyteller

Lisa Lopes R.I.P, Angie Martinez – Bringing me 2 Life representing

Rah Digga – THE DOPEST 

EVE Actually talking about her love for a nigga how many still do that? Another BEAUTIFUL storyteller, Eve was the illest, str8 REAL shit.



1st time I heard Rapsody was in like 2012, I knew she was special.

Sa-Roc – Wid da Locs, she so damn Bomb 💣


Lil MamaFuck all that Lip Gloss bullshit, Mama could Spit


So yall no pretty Asian chicks be rapping nd shit but nobody to this day blew my mind like CL home girl got the Swag, The performance is live, She the shit and also loves Lauryn Hill, Bonus points.

..So do pretty Jamaican chicks Koffee is somethin else. She just a baby but she writes her own shit, Respect.

And LAST but NOT certainly not least SAMPA the GREAT Zambian Australian. Holy mothafucking Shit tell em whats good Empress. I thank all you lovely ladies for your service.
IM OUT. ✊🏾

The rise of the female MC


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