Support the Little Guy. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

The hub received a gift card from his Supervisor for Outback Steakhouse. We normally don’t go to certain mainstream restaurants but since it was a free meal, Fuck it.


I’m checking the online menu looking at their dishes preparing to smash.

We went to Longhorn Steakhouse a few weeks back and I did the same thing checked the online menu but they actually provide you with pictures.

Screenshot (20)

You’d think Outback the more popular brand would do that as well.


So we get to Outback, Bitch tell us 35 min wait. For a Sat night Ok that’s understood.ย 
45 minutes go by and we see a larger party that came after us get a table before our black ass did. Then another party.. I go check our place in line bitch say they should be calling you within the next 10 min. We wait some more. Hub get fed up, Go inside to check again, He come back out like “Man lets go.

We sat there for a whole hour.

Gotdamn food ain’t even that good yo but because they advertise these places on the God known as “the telly” masses of brainwashed people flock thinking its fine dining. And not just any masses, These are people who make the big bucks.


That just goes to show just cuz a mofuca got money..
Don’t mean they have good taste.



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