The Body Don’t Belong 2 U

As we move toward an age of technological destruction. The technology has taken over, I Repeat the Technology has Taken us over. We have forgot what it means to be Human. We be saying shit we wouldn’t say in a mofuca face but say it on Twitter, We afraid to feel pain So we take our pills, We go to the doctor, We try our herbs, We do what we told, We serve our country, We vote, We obey the rules, all because we Afraid of Pain. Why you didn’t tell the bitch the truth from jump? Why you just trying to get yo post liked? Whats yo status?? I like laughing and joking with a mofuca, Playing the video game or sum, Making some music in the studio NOT Just emailing a nigga a track.. Like actually Vibing together. Everybody want it instant.

So they stay stuck.

Ohh don’t forget to Like, Share, Subscribe, Follow me on Facebook, Tiktok, and Instagram, Youtube, Make sure you turned ON yo Notificationz cuz Youtube be on some BS but I looove this attention shit. So Fuck it. Sexy ladies, Snapchat me that pussy. Tweet my Soundclouds to yo followers, Go sign up for my patreon & Donate so i can continue to do this, Trying 2 get dem Racks Nigga. Buy my merch, Send me some Fan Art, I’m a promoter too so if you need more attention let’s talk… TALKIN REAL FOLLOWERS.
and of course! Send me A Christmas Gift, I Loooove Giftz, Feliz Navidad!!

Have a warm, cozy and safe Thanksgiving Everybody, Cant wait to see those memez and vidz! Got some new shit launching on BLACK FRIDAY 10% off with this code ::Fi5e p0n 8a8yLoN:: & Let me know what kind of KKontent yall want me to post… wifi Cause i’m like, i don’t know.. Running out of fucking Ideas.

phone robot

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