15 Toxic Bitch Traits

Stay far away from these hoez.

1. Can dish it but can’t take it Rude, Condescending, Disrespectful
Them: “Id never fuck you
You: “Well I wouldn’t fuck u if u were the last person on this Earth
Them: (Starts crying ..using manipulation) “How could u say something like that to me! U no I have low self esteem and my ex use to put me down blah, blah, blah..


2. Spoiled and Entitled acting.
You clean, U cook, You cater to the bitch but they don’t never show appreciation and when they do, It’s not genuine

3. Never taking responsibility for actions. Okay he lied to her and told her he would leave his wife for her, But she knew he had a wife and still fucked him but it’s still ALL his fault??

4. A girl that Tease you all night and give u some on the 1st night talk all this “I just want to have fun shit then when the fun is done, Catch feelings. Cause no matter how hard us women try and act like we enjoy fucking with out commitment we don’t, We not wired that way. Either we want a Commitment or Money there is no just fucking u for Pleasure and Pleasure only, We can twiddle our own twangers.. That bitch lying.


5. Tell you stories of what they went thru.. U do the same.. Y’all share a moment.. Aww u think u done made a friend ..U even show loyalty by having this persons back. But let u get in some shit, They betray u Instantly.

6. A Bitch who as soon as U call out on some shit “Yo why don’t u clean up after yoself” they hit u with the “Why are you attacking me right now” Bitch got they self all done up yet surroundings is a mess.. ..Out of order priorities ass Bitch

7. Playing the victim “I don’t no what your talking about why are you bullying me” “Why you so mean” Know matter what you say or how much sense it may make Even if its constructive criticism for them to better theyself, They always take it personal.

8. Self centered. It’s just all about u huh? “U see me having a conversation and u just gone add yo 2 cents in About let me guess.. ..yoself.


9. Always thirsting for a compliment “Does this look okay? Do u like my new bag? I just bought me some new gators “Like yo I don’t give a fuck, I’m a real nigga” lol
10. I’m gone do this, I got to do that. You said this same shit years ago bitch yet here we still are and moves still have yet to be made. U so full of shit..

11. A mofuca telling u how u should dress or making a comment on something they don’t like about your appearance.. Guy: “Is your polish chipped? that is so unladylike.. Nigga wtf u no about being a lady do u menstruate? Well STFU. Girl: “Girl u no how u should do yo hair, Girl please don’t wear them shoes “Like either u accept me or I can take my punk ass on Bitch, We not doing this.
12. Always want what somebody else got. “I got to step my game up, I need me a house on the water, Is that the new iPhone? everyone has one but me, I need me a job like yours.. Bitch be grateful for what u got. Everything ain’t for everybody..

13. Clingy them types of mofucas who really don’t want to see u happy, They just want to Control u.
14. SNEAKY. Laugh and joke with u, Act like they like u, Ask you do you want a drink, Secretly spit in it, Then hand it to u with a smile.
15. Passive aggression. Them: “It would be nice if I had someone to take to me to the airport, You: Do you need a ride to the airport man? Them: Yeah I’d appreciate it.. Like Bitch just ask or say what you feel instead of hinting at shit.



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