Setting: Boat On the Water 

People: Mostly White

Cast: Me, My Dad Wife and Step Mom, Dad, Captain Jay look like a older Johnny Cage off Mortal Kombat. Gemini energy.
& His lil ship mate thang thang Gwen.


Me: Fishing. Amateur becoming a pro overnight



Captain Jay: AWWWW Shoot get her a pink Rod!!

Me: Nall get me a BLACK!

Dad: No Racial Slurs”.

Me barack o

Everybody on Boat: Awkward ass silence for a good 15 minutes. ..Punk ass mothafuckaz.


One comment

  1. After my Dad spent all that money on this lil Boat trip, While on way back to shore the Captain blasted his country music to spite us and took some of the fish we caught for himself smh got em. You know black people spend way to much time trying not to make white people feel uncomfortable and show that you a nice obedient nigga. But they can do and say what the hell they want to no problem. What black people keep failing to realize is IT DON’T MATTER wtf you do. To most of them, you just a Nigger. I felt like the Captain was trying to be funny cause i’m a female talking about get her a pink pole like i’m some prissy bitch, but they on some ole other shit when I said get me a Black. Sexist ass don’t know what I been through and seen and my own Dad didnt even have my back. This is slave mentality at it finest. We got to Do better.


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