Attn: Indie Online Sellers

This what you call Professionalism.

I purchased some boots off Ebay from this one seller, Great ratings.
I fux with Ebay.
But all sellers ain’t created to give a fuck. When i shop up there i like to check the Seller ratings and reviews. Reviews sometimes be misleading but with platforms like Ebay its hard for you to fake like u the shit, if u ain’t it will show, Just like in life.


I also bought some herbal supplements from another seller. They ratings was mediocre but they had a particular product that i needed that’s hard to find.
So i’m waiting, and i’m a waiting to receive my boots & supplements. I try to give it time and not be impatient but its been like two weeks and both these niggas in the AmeriKKKaz.

Sigh i reach out..

The seller of the boots handled me quite well actually.


They felt for me offered and delivered a refund then said if the boots do come consider it a gift. They took care of me in one email that let me no they’re ain’t in it only to gain they genuinely care if u pleased with they service.

The seller of the herbs was dishonest we up to like 3 emails and shit not getting no where..


They ask me if i wanted a refund to which i replied “uhh yeah its been two weeks fuck my shit at.. then they send a message back and say “oh we cant do that its been to long to cancel..


The lie detector determined, That was a LIE “and actually we just shipped out yo product so if u get it and don’t want it send it back.. ..huh? Whats the point of me ordering it dummy? I dont want to send it back, I want my shit now. I let they ass have it and wished them luck.

I believe in letting yo customers no upfront what u about. If u don’t refund say so, If u fucked up something say so, If u say u gone do something do it, Cause building a good rep will get u a great reference. Make a mofuca feel appreciated..


They ain’t hv to shop witcho stanking ass. Its billions of sellers out there and u got chosen. It should be taken as a honor.

And if you good to em they will come back. If not ..they might just expose u.

My supplements package did eventually come and I let them know, I felt kind of like damn. BUT shit hell two weeks?
Y’all fucking it up for niggas.

The point here is, the choice of words you use in dealing with an unhappy customer can make all the difference.

Another Beautiful Customer Service Example:

customer service 2

I said I just want my shit.

customer srvice3

Your feedback helps the community and that’s the true meaning of unity 🌎.


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