Cut The CHECK 💰

My Dad Jus touched down. We were suppose to get up after I got off work n shit. He came with his wife. Its her birthday tomorrow. Shes a Libra, Hes an Aquarius.. I got her a gift, He gets her many gifts. Gator boots, Edible arrangements, Boat rides, Diamond bracelets, remolded kitchens, A in ground Pool that she don’t even swim in or maintain.. Just want 1. He thinks that material shit will keep her happy, But he don’t realize she not happy with herself.

I asked her before, Why she dont wear her Natural hair. She says cuz he calls her Buckwheat.


annnd what about it???

I Called him like “Dad in almost done for tonight, I got the bubble guts ..  -shut up -_- ..  But after that im on my way He: “Nawww naw its alright Ill just see you tomorrow,  Me: “Forreal? i’m just a few minutes away  He: “Naw its cool. …Ok I could just come to the parking lot and you just come out 😥 it was your idea then shit got switched up

But i kinda knew it would of cause you noo..



..I didn’t add that last part but what the fuck fo’, that nigga on a leash yo. Always have been, Always will be smh lol 🤨.
And she just lost her father so if any body know what a girl father means to them.. it should be her.

But naw nigga.

Oh you trying to kick knowledge??

“He thought he was gone come here and see his daughter. Well I got news for that nigga. It ain’t about her its about me. Its Myyyyy Birthday & This is Myyyyyyyyy Vacation, I ain’t want want to come here no way, already been Here.
Did I want to see her??
Yeah I no he ain’t seen his daughter since March. But THAT Ain’t the Mothafucn point
The POINT is”””





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