Amanda Please *(Da Teens)* 🍶 Sake any1?

Deez is some bold vibe holding ass mothafucas
Especially young women. 


So susceptible to trends and craving attention.. Shame, some adults still dont grow out of this phase of blaming, and playing victim. It tke a mature mothafuca to take responsibility for they actions.
When I was a teenager I was a dumb mothfuca. And didnt give two shits bout my mom n dad feelings.
Did they even have feelings??

 I didnt care Me, Me, Me Bitch.

For parents of a teenager/s

“Ahh haa whats that fuss every body move to the back of the bus”outkast

Welcome to dealing with a extremly MOODY lil spoiled shithead. You keep it together BOSS Dont give in to the BS.


Teens: “Im doing everything im supposed to do, You brought me here, I cant do anything right, I need a therapist, You dont care about my problems, My friends, my frrrriends, my boyfriend, My Girlfriend blah, blah, this, blah , blah that. but u listen to this bs because you want to be understanding. The Smart phone is they God, The Worlds God. Period smh. They never happy with shit for long, Attention span to short. Plus Karaya got this, Jeremy got that. How the fuck you gone try to stunt with some bs?
A teenager doesnt care. So Fuck em.

You feed these niggas. You rescue these niggas.
We aint shit when we teens, We dont give a fuck about our parents, life, work, We Selfish and for some of us School even. I didnt. Fuck School, I hated it. It was a dark and uninteresting place for me shit there was nothing to keep me motivated. My mind was like Right here, Right now, No FEAR. I mean I admire the Fearlessness in Teens but its really Cowardace because in some way, some how, for most of us,  You no that you got a blanket of comfort in some adult that love the shit out yo stank ass and will rescue U.

The aura surrounding these beings is dark and Thirsty because of how easily brainwashed we r by media and society. Possession.


Lost in the Sauce. In some ways they make you proud but in other ways u you see the inexperience and the stupidity. But
you just try to understand.
yet u cn nvr understand


Umm yeah, Jah Bless.


If you not Man or Women enough to deal with this Heavy Responsibility strap the fuck up u dumb ass.



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