My 1st “Real” Boyfriend

Damn Romance.


We went to the movies, Had lil picnics and I painted his toenails. He was such a sweet guy. He Had a lil anxiety but he was such a sweetheart. Cooked me food, Baked me cookies.

What more cud a girl ask for?
Why did we break up?
Because the shit was a fantasy.

Teenage relationships are fantasy it ain’t until you live with a Mofuca till that shit get really real. Niggas ain’t even paying they own rent yet but the fantasy is to strong to actually be aware of the facts, You just dumb lil kids. So here’s my dumb ass lil kid story and shit.

It was 10th grade, 

Ms Teh Teh class my African Math Teacher. The boy name was Gilbert and he NO was not the most attractive boy..

Look like a younger version of this nigga

But I didn’t care, cause I was insecure and not shallow. He gave me attention.
Gil didn’t really care about school, He had no real goals; Except play video games, Eat lil Ceasers Pizza and Listen to trap music; Blade Icewood. Detroit niggas know..

He loved to get high too..
Why was I attracted to this nigga?

i dont no.gif

I gave him my virginity. 

Gil Dad, is the parent who he stayed with in the hood. He liked goin over there because he could do what he want, I also had to put up with his lil brother who was a nasty ass perverted creep.

I lived on the outskirts of the Hood and Gil lived smack dab in the middle. I was way out of my element, I was hood, But I won’t hood Hood until I start messing round with a nigga who stayed in the hood Hood. 

I Got drunk 1 day bought liquor and tree fo errbody, Man I got messed up,
Throwing up and shit.
Gil took advantage,  Fucked me, Treated me like trash.

I let him hold on to my Nextel cell phone that was in my mama name ..

Let him stunt wid it, and he ran the bill up. Yea I Got treated like a Real piece of Shit, By a nothing ass, Scrub ass nigga who used me for my body and My lil couple dollars.

What got me is that he cud make me laugh.

Oh how us girls are suckers for a boy who could make us laugh…




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