Solo Travel & shit

Fuckin make your own rules.

Its much more rewarding to travel when you have yo own finances but if you got to depend on niggas like family or friends to foot the bill yooooo prepare to feel Like.. What vacation?

On the way there.. Eat light, don’t go get no heavy ass carbs especially if you driving or yo flight longer than 5, 6, 7 hours. No Bagels and Mcdonalds. Opt for Oranges, Jerky, lil grapes and cheese, NO energy drinks, No Caffeine’s, Fuck with the herbal teas and waters. Oooh shit and don’t drink to much Alcohol..

stone cold
Turn down for what.

..I mean if you can truly handle it bruh do you but if you don’t want to feel like a zombie for dayz fuck that eyebrow

¤People – I don’t know man u cant control nobody but yoself, sow Be grateful for the positive interactions you have because it probably wont be that many, What do I no i’m just a…

kid cudi.gif
I don’t know. Hate to be pessimistic on this but what I do know is Enjoy yourself.. We get so caught up in the Da People, We miss the Da moment..ladybug.gif

¤Packing – Use Ziploc bags, Bookbags, Large totes and Purses Shit try to pack light and just have you a handful of key wardrobe pieces…

Eclectic Freedom. For unique soulz only


Don’t pack to much cuz you know yo thirsty ass gone buy shit along the way..

¤Pictures – Pictures Take em, Take Video.. Go with the flow, Capture and share but don’t be so obsessed with sharing that you forget to ….

.. And if you don’t want to take that many pictures Then Live my guy I feel U.

Google shit to do beforehand, locations, distances, Shops, Museums, just a lil planning. Don’t want to not no absolutely nothing..

Unless u do.. shaq

Stunner a nigga along the way if you have to cuz u no.. This is AmeriKKKa

So then.. when you reach yo destination you have a lil itinerary. Picking a Hotel in a busy area of littiness is key.. and lastly.. Set it and Forget it..


My most WTF travel experience? Soooo when I went back home for the first time in 5 years my Dad and his step daughter, Brionna was talking shit about his wife Treasha, Her momma…

(Setting: My Dad Kitchen. I’m helping him clean up a family, friends get together that he planned for my arrival that I didn’t fuckin want)

Dad to Brionna: You see yo momma hair?
Brionna: Yeah its all nappy in the back..
Dad: Why that lady do yo momma hair like that
Brionna: I told her she could spend like 400$$ and get her nice wig ..My hair use to be nappy like that, it was bad

(Meanwhile i’m overhearing this shit just mopping the floor, Nappy hair dont care like)


I have one more sheyeah sheyeah..


I was driving back from visiting my folks in Detroit and had a craving for some pizza, just a lil taste ..

Stopped in a lil town called Cranberry, Pennsylvania

Went in to order a baby pan pizza

lil pizza

(Clerk was a Green haired white guy)

A few min after i walked in, A older white man came in and ordered him some food. So me and the old man sitting there awkwardly looking at the stupid television. Clerk:Here you go sir” and hands the old man two Large pizzas, The man leaves. 5 min later.. Clerk to me: “Here you go.. I grab the box of deliciousness and leave.
Me sitting in the car: How the fuck was that mans 2 Whole
Large ass pizzas done before my lil ass baby snack?
I googled the demographics for Cranberry, Pennsylvania:
cartoon heads

Be Safe lil buddies..

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