A letter to my own mother pt. 2

My mom 60 years old now but yud swear she was like 75. When she lost her job in 07 she just start deteriorating.. Like damn, U don’t want to do nun else ma? She blame it on her schizophrenia, I blame the medicine.. Niggas always got to blame sumthin huh smh.. It’s hard seeing yo parents get old, U got some old niggas who still got some spunk but it all depends on they lifestyle.  My Dad he be trying to fight getting old knee be giving out and shit still trying to hoop smh, Working his ass off trying to take care of grown niggas (more on that prolly later). I put up a post called “Letter to my own mother” Goin off on my mother I wrote that shit a while back, alot has changed since then. I still feel the same tho I mean I had to block my momma and only talk to her on weekends. Now I no tht sound cold but sometimes it be yo own ppl bringing u down. If a mofuca in yo life toxic AAAAnd you a Empath, U gta let go yo. U to sensitive to energy and if you can’t let go, U gta set some boundaries for your own Mental health.

I do appreciate u ma, Shit wasn’t always bad and I was def a product of yo ways so shit, Should I thank u for being there even tho u created this monster?..
I guess I should, Hell u could of said fuck it..

me and ma
Why was I so juicy tho.. Me and mom at my grandparents house, peep the plastic still on the furniture. Yeah my mom was a whole snack lol.

You never abused me.. Sure you tore my ass up when I got out of pocket Extension cords, Fist lol but you never made me feel like you hated that you had me and for that I am grateful

Thank u for coming to get me from over that crazy nigga Dontey house on multiple occasions, U was evn out there in the street fighting with my dumb teenage ass.  I was so lost. Yeah if our self esteem was higher we wouldn’t have even considered a fool like that.. But u no.. Insecurity.

Teaching me how to read and write.. Ud sit there with me as I watched Barney and Big Comfy Couch with a workbook and showed me how to do something that I
cherish forever..

Feeding and clothing my lil fat ass.. Turkey necks and rice, Liver and onions ugh, Boiled chicken and potatoes, Focus hope food, Hey a nigga ate. And you didn’t have the best taste so the clothes you hooked me up with wasn’t the fanciest, Until income tax time came and I could pick out my own shit (Broke niggas no wassup) but hell I had sum to wear..

The fun times.. Whether it be dancing around the crib making me laugh with your kooky humor or dramatically telling me I was looking good “Ooohhh girl u better go head”


A roof over my head.. Yeah it was in the hood, West Warren Detroit Mi to be exact, We had bars on the windows, Fuckin roaches and mice.. Let me just be blunt the house was Raggedy Ann and Nasty as hell yo, But we wasn’t on the streets..

me with trash everywhere
Mmmhm.. You see it.


Birthing me cause I could of been one of them ones u aborted..
Now I have an opportunity to raise up a daughter of my own and do better, cause now I know better.

This women told me when I was born.. I was a hard birth 8 pounds 9 ounces, and was fighting to get out that womb. Maybe cause I was tired of getting hit idk. She told me my second oldest brother Ron punched her in the stomach while she was pregnant with me… (More on that clown later) She also claim she got up off the bed while pushing me out and walked around the room bowlegged, Drs. and Nurses like “Ma’am you gone hurt yo baby you have to get back on this bed”. Talking bout she ate alot of Chinese food when pregnant with me so that’s why I came out looking Chinese lol I actually believed that shit too..

me mom aunt mary
R.I.P Aunt Mary

“We must we must, we must increase our bust, the bigger the better the tighter the sweater, We must increase our bust.. A song my mother use to sing to me while she did this lil weird ass chest pump move lol, A mess… … ❤️ 



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