Mothers You Rock 🥰

To all the Step mothers / and Mothers of teen daughters can appreciate this too this is a long ode to you, For you…

Remember you are doing the best you can at providing a nurturing enviroment you treat her kind, you dont abuse her, you buy and provide what she need,s you cook for her, you teach her things, and most importantly you Lead by example.

I no you dont want to invade her privacy as she grows up and are starting to see things that she use to do to show you how much she loves and cares for you is startng to decline sometimes she doesnt even speak to you and I no it hurts its like damn i just took you to see a movie we hung out and chatted now you crying in your room and I no you feel like fuck i’ve told this child many of times if you need someone to talk to i’m here but she doesnt really tell you much only bits and pieces

and I no u dont want to develop a friendship with her right now at age 13 because in time it will come and she may just prefer the comfort of her father to you because your more serious and hes more playful plus duh hes been her life since she was born of course the bond there will be stronger and times have changed your working later and dont get to have that one on one time anymore and I no you often dont take the initiative to go in her room and chat because you want her to come to you when shes ready and give her that privacy
I no you aint about to kiss no kid ass you do to damn much to not get the respect you feel you deserve. Women are different than men in a sense that well women like us were not about to kiss your behind yo you want me i’m here you dont fine ignore me i still love you and like the little shit you are eventually youll talk to me again or ask me for something.
Your doing the best you can Mom dont ever feel like you are not i no appreciation is a big thing in your eyes cause it shows the other person how much what they do for you means to you, and shes 13 she may not appreciate you now but give it time sh will, you are doing and excellent job man you cant be everything all you can be is who you are.

Continue to lead by example you aint no buttery ass chick you aint no kiss ass you a strong Women who does her best everyday to be a wife, mother and take care of herself in the process that shit aint easy. Remember your not only doing what you do cause you care but also because its the right thing in Gods eyes dont pay mind to much to the phases that lil shit loves you guarunteed if you wasnt in her life shed be devestated or just all messed up you came and created a very warm and comforting enviroment

You are a boss Mom you handle your shit hold your head up dont take the lil petty shit serious personal girls are pieces of work remember you use to be a little girl imagine yourself at that age even though you and her growing up much different actually shes growing up way better than you did you come from a poor enviroment and broken home.

Although she lost her mother she got a bomb ass replacement who does everything in her power to make her happy. If you had half the shit that girl had you would of turned out different as well. She has a cell phone, playstation game, flat screen tv, nice bed, books, shoes , clothes she has what she needs and what she wants, and it still aint enough. Cause well you no 
You cant begin to understand what emotional rollercoasters are taking place within her at this age in time all you can do is be there as a source of support. And even though it may hurt sometimes not knowing exactly where you stand or what to say due to the fact that you are a step mother and not a biological mother sometimes the connection can feel kind of off and hell theres nothing you can do about that all you can do once again is your best and you have been doing that and more, you aint no mothafucking super women. Yes you are.
Dont sweat.


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