That’s Yo Soulmate 👼🏾

U dont always hv to have a degree in something to be knowledgeable about some shit. the saying experience is the best teacher is nothing but the eternal truth cause lets be honest we all hardheaded as fuck. I guess that’s the curiosity of being a human tho u just naturally want to do dumb shit and suffer the consequences later.

I dont understand why our species is like this but maybe its because we so damn thirsty and spoiled, Especially here in America. But for those of us who have discernment life done kicked our ass enough to the point where we was just fed up and had a desire to make better choices. Be grateful that u have a soul tuned into the frequency of wake up bitch we greater than that. Most are not as fortunate. Goodnight.


So i saw a title for a vid on Youtube and it said “How come you a deeply connected spiritual person but cant attract yo soulmate”. I didn’t watch it but the 1st thing i thought was um because u focusing on attracting a soulmate instead of focusing on getting to no That mofuca in the mirror. Remember on the movie “Belly” when Tboz and her friend Keisha was walking down the street..
Keisha man, played by Dmx was wildin’ out and she was over it. She said to Tboz “U and Sincere are so happy” (Sincere, was Tboz baby daddy played by Nas) Dope movie yo, they dont make em like they use to.. Anyway she basically told her str8 up “Keisha i’m happy with sincere because i’m happy if i wasn’t then I would do what i got to do to be happy.”

I love that lil scene cause mofucas be waiting for happiness, Soon as i get this money, or this nigga, Or that bitch or these J’s or that house, Or this degree, Move out of state,

The new technology i’m gone be happy but if u not content with yoself u can just forget about happiness cause let me tell u it will NEVER be enough and you will always be searching for some shit u ain’t never gone find cause wht u really looking fr ain’t out there its in HERE. Stop trying to EsCaPe…

Okay, Yo Soulmate..

♥ 1st Attraction is to the Conversation, 2nd is Spirit, 3rd is Physical

♥ U can cry in front of this person and they will comfort u.. Baby dont cry come here..

♥ U weird as fuck maybe u grown as hell but still sleep with a night light or get a lil nutty when u drink or like ketchup on macaroni none of this matrs to them they still adore u yo

♥ U aren’t afraid to tell them your past deepest darkest secrets and guess what they ain’t afraid to reveal they skeletons either.. You did what? had a 3 some with who ? a old bitch and a cop, and u was how old? 19??? Yo lil thot ass was wild as hell but i still love u

♥ U dont feel like you have to hide your personality around this person, its like uve known them all your life.. 

♥ Yall NEVER I repeat NEEEEEVER run out of shit to talk about

♥ Grudges dont last long with yo soulmate somebody is goin to come give a hug or kiss and say i’m sorry

♥ There is very little ego when it comes to being vulnerable and taking responsibility for actions 

♥ You cant see yourself with nobody else, Sure u take notice of whats obvious a pretty girl with a fat ass, Or an extremely handsome dude dripping in swag but u no they ain’t got shit on yo baby, Looks are just Well.. Looks

♥ Gurl so yall dont hardly argue? Me and my nigga all we do is fuss, Yeah I mean we bicker sometimes but its over petty shit like Bae why u forget yo take the hambrger out?

♥ They understanding when u have to spend time with
Other ppl u love and care about plus they no u gone come home and spill all the tea anyway 
Bffs yes?

♥ A Loyalty from this person like Uve never experienced in your life

♥ Sometimes they no wt u thinkin’ even b4 u say it on some psychic shit or maybe cause great minds think alike

♥ Same taste in music 

♥ They are supportive and your biggest cheerleader FUCK HATE.

What yall know about mind sex?

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