The Quiet 1s

Fake shit.
When I went back to Detroit to see my family, my Dad wanted to show me he could do a flip off his diving board into his pool, I’ll post the video at a later date got to find the mofuca but yeah I recorded it because the nigga was.. this was 2016, so he was like 57 at the time, A fucking Alien. I showed my mother the video she was impressed, then. she showed my Oldest brother (whose my half brother Dre, same mom,  in his early 40s still living with my mom in the basement. da fuk) this nigga said “Aww anybody can do that” Knowing damn well his ass can’t do that shit but here’s the kicker. My Dad pulled up at my mom house one of the Days and Dre was outside this nigga runs up to the car like “Oh wassup Jon I saw u do that flip that was crazy man!” I went into

My introverted mind like oh okay I see what’s goin on here, just observing and collecting data about these fake mofucas. The Introverts


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