The Gut

♠♠♠ The feelings in the gut, the fear, the hurt, the sharp pains, the bloat, the gas, the noise, the response to what you consume not only food wise but sometimes what you consume mentally and digitally could be worse

♠♠♠ We share to save a world but ppl need to save themselves and if they choose to stay controlled by the gut they will Deteriorate.

♠♠♠ We all have talents things that temporarily take us away from the world things we get lost in and the talent can sometimes take us over which can be Good or Bad.

♠♠♠ We all have skills, sometimes we want to learn new skills but we don’t have the time or resources Or we feed into what we think we are, the negatives, procrastinator, broke, poor, fat, minority, media, trump supporter, gay, weird, lame, youtuber, yadda etc. but when you stop thinking about the how and the signs that tell you, You can’t. Somehow you Will and other times you don’t realize you already Are.
♠♠♠  Feel every inch of your Gut cause that’s where we hold on to the most SHIT.


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