Killin’ Wendys Frosty

I don’t know what they put in Wendys Frosty but whatever it is, It is doom. My guts yo.


But this right here with just 3 simple ingredients taste way better and much easier on the belly. Cool down this Summer with a delicious one of these!


What you need: 


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🌊Now you can use any milk you so desire (Almond, 1%, 2% etc.) I tried this with whole milk and received an extremely creamy result.

🌊You can also substitute the Chocolate powder for Strawberry but in my opinion it ain’t slapping like the Chocolate.

🌊Mix the Milk, Ice Cream, & Powder to your desire. I usually pour mine in a cup and stick it back in the freezer till the Ice cream is a tad solid, and the spoon STILL melts into it like butter yo. I’m not going to provide measurements because everybody preference is different right? You might like it more or less creamy or You might like more or less Nesquik powder.. So have some fun experimenting 😋Itadakimasu!

Don’t 4get your lactaid pill Bitch.

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