Retragrading and shit..

You ever thought you knew somebody so you introduce them to someone you’ve known and they dont get along one bit? You feel responsible even though you’re not. Because the one you’ve known the longest will tell you the tea about the one you thought you knew and you like say what?. Or you created a lil stirrup so you can figure a person out to like repel them away from you. Because they don’t listen and need to learn a lesson on how to shut the fuck up. Have you ever felt like damn I just told them this shit and they already forgot with certain people?. Do you ever want to get away from habinits and just be in nature for a good while without getting fucked with. Just see what that’s like. Waterfalls, Mountains and shit with a radio kicking out dope tunes vibrating sounds off the earth realm…


Gemini 2 Aries a Conflict.
of Gay Daddy Energies.

Communication is key to any relation
I text u
u ghost me
u got my mind racing
My friend in the middle she thought we would click
yet u assumed that i just wanted yo dick
told me yo intentions and i told u mine
but you got confused so i must draw the line
its u i pursue
tried to
know u
u think that i need u
damn u
a fool
i do not know u
shit how can i know
when games u str8 play
yo phone?
here we go
u rude and obnoxious
u fail to b real 
self centered and childish
like fuck how i feel
if u were busy then said that u could of
but you just ignored me understood bitch i would of
think u know me
but assumed i was thirsty
u aint
all that
it is u who aint worthy
got alot goin on who dont?
this amerikkka.
it dont hurt to send a txt
least show that you care bruh

best friend i know u
thought we’d match up

but he just to slow
and will NEVER catch up.


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