The story of Miss Jo pt 1

FontCandy (21)
What up. My name is JoJo and i’m 13.

Yeah.. I’m biracial my Mom white, Dad black.  My mom was being a thot thot and thought my Dad would make it big time as a rapper so she let him hit and got pregnant with me after they had a night of drunken high sex.

At first they seemed in love but it was only fetishy LUST. This is how I imagine what they were thinking. My mom: “ooh a rapper and he makes music with substance how hot, I’m gonna seduce him and get pregnant. My Dad: White girl ass, White girl with a ASS, Ass on a White girl. Stupid Fools.

After I was born they tried to do the family thang. But Dad is fucking lazy and lacks ambition. He only cares about his music and weed. Mom got tired of being the only one going out and make a living. So she fussed at Dad CONSTANTLY. Like a thief in night, He left us and moved back to the city with my Grandmaw. He still lives there, At almost 40 years old.

My cokehead mom took me out of school for misbehaving and is going to send me to the ghetto at Grandmaws so Dad can homeschool me. That evil bitch, How he gone teach me how to be self sufficient when he ain’t? She probably just wanted some freedom or to teach me a “leesssson”. “Dumb, cunt doesn’t even care if I get a proper education. Let me tell you what else she did, Cut all my hair off.. TWICE. She said it was to PREVENT me from getting lice,  BULL shit. Curly hair people don’t get lice.

I’m learning a little bit with Dad but its hard to focus in this shit-hole. Sorry Grandmaw but your living situation is fucking depressing.
I saw my cool Aunt Shayna last year it had been years since I last saw her. She said I got darker. I told her “I’mmmmm white”im

She said “no Your not.
Then.. I said no, I’m mixed!

I really don’t know what the fuck I am. 
I deleted all the pics of my Aunt Shayna and her daughter Joseline out of Grandmaws phone and left only mine. All she does is talk about them ughh. “Joseline got a A’s on her report card, Shayna, this.. Joseline that”.. What about me?! She says I have a smart mouth, Well you would too if you had parents like mine! I just no when Dad left I was like 3 years old and was raised around the worst kind of redneck mothafukas.

Redneck Olympics

What am I supposed to feel? He left when I needed him most and didn’t even use the time to sacrifice for me. He left me with the Bitch.
She even wears a shirt that says “I’m not A Bitch. I’m THE Bitch.


My parents don’t really want me, they not even teaching me how to be a responsible adult. They just don’t give a shit. “No really tho.. I think they care more about themselves than they do me and probably wish I was never born like they didn’t create this fucking Monster. Here’s the icing on the cake, I also have epilepsy smh. Probably got it from Mom sniffing candy, While pregnant with me.

Hell hath no Fury.

These fucking white kids that I love and want to be like soooooooo bad keep fucking with me. Talking about my hair. This tangly fucking hair. My mom hates my hair, If its natural she says shit to me like you not going no where with me like that! This idiotic beer guzzling Hick bitch fucking up my self-esteem.

But hey, least she feeds me.
Fuck Dat Nigga.

To be continued….

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