That time I went to New York

…For Afropunk 2018, An event I always wanted to attend 


Um yeah.. I drove there and back bout 6 hours. Me and my big kid. Shit started closing in on us like elevator doors soon as we arrived on the streets. It was about 7 am gloomy, Early morning. We landed in Times square. Busy, Busy, BUSY, buzzing bees up out and about every body going somewhere but really no where, Even me.

There is a pulse in Times Square think “Lady Gaga song Just Dance” or “Rihanna S&M”. just real PULSY. Trash Everywhere, Pigeons Everywhere, People Everywhere.
Parked in a Garage Paid 25 plus tip.
Got our backpacks and Proceeded to walk the streets.

A suspicious character; white junky looking man came walking up fast behind us. I told my kid lets walk over here What the fuck??
We walked near New Yorks finest to avoid said character and saw a photoshoot taking place.

What were you wearing? We was in our Weirdo mode attire fuck does it matter lol.. The models for the photoshoot were in nude leotards in what look like some type of Ramen Noodle pose. Still walking we saw a nigga was laying on the street sleep, saw a ancient artifact A payphone. Some food truck workers screamed out to my 14 year old “I like that green hair baby!
“Is that a cat call? I am a minor! she loud whispers to me. Classic American fuck nigga.
We look around Trash, more Trash Everywhere. Surprisingly we didn’t see any rats and hell yes we were scoping, even went down into the subway and looked. Bright lights, BIG CITY! Sky scrapers with ADDDDDvertisments, Advertisements to make you buy shit. Haaaaallelujah” “Hallelujah. Not knowing if its ok to jaywalk, Wax figure of Stevie Wonder.
We snapped a few pics and walked to our room to hell wit dis.

Total time: 15-20 min

The Mansfield Hotel. Creepy lil elevator. The room was small as fuck but it was tolerable. Look out the window you wont see shit but bricks.
Tired as hell, I did it to myself though. Few hours of chillin we showered and got dressed, the room did have a nice full length mirror you have to request, shower refreshing, lighting in the bathroom was poor. Lighting in the bedroom better. Employees were nice. Decent stay.
After taking a 30 min nap we was out that bitch.
Total time: 2 – 3 hours

Now the Sun was out, shiny and bright as hell over the city. But it cast a shadow due to the architecture. The faces of the people looked void of expression.
We Picked up the car and drove to Brooklyn. I felt like i was in Mario kart.
Yeah driving in New York will challenge you like you never been challenged before fuckin a…

Drove down into another Garage, tinier this particular garage. Paid more guap and Parked.

We walked to the line of Afropunk.

Hey where the line at? Over there” a man instructed us.
Sellers, Buyers, Skaters, Bikers, Movers, Shakers, PULSE PULSE PULSE.
It was suppose to start at 12 we got there at about 10:30, We didn’t get in the festival until close to 1.
Waiting in the hot New York August sun PULSE PULSE PULSE.
The wait was more entertaining than the time we spent in the festival real talk. Watching, observing, getting rudely bumped, hearing people conversations “Dead Ass i’m suppose to call my grandma but i been procrastinating yo” So many different styles and so many style expressions, hearing different dialects, A Nigga yelled out his car who performing? “Taylor Swift!” I screamed out. My Daughter trying to push through the pain, trying to remain positive. Why Niggas cant be on time sometimes smh that waiting shit started the experience off on the wrong foot for me.
Once we fiiiiiinaaly got in the festival there was Music, Selling, Buying, Photos, Yogis, Vlogs It was like a Afro Futuristic Comicon Convention and really wasn’t as impressive as I thought from seeing the footage and pictures on the internet (so deceiving). It felt like most everybody was trying to get something from you whether it be your money, a picture, a interview, attention something basically like a interactive museum. I gave out one of my magnets getting my own lil promote on and shit, Damn us niggas love attention.

Daughter got henna done, We ate popsicles while it dripped down our hands, bought shit spent guap, we watched a few performances, layed on the ground no seating available, Got our picture taken by Afropunk photographers, People watched again, Got Bored and left. 
Total time in line : 2 hours
Total time in festival: 45-55 min

Went and got the car and drove to another garage. This attendant was a Asshole. He could sense we weren’t familiar and treated us a lil shitty. Hoe ass nigga.
We walked to get pizza, cheesecake and treats, the food in Brooklyn was DELICIOUS. Court pastry’s brownies were decadent and the cheesecake was to live for. My Little Pizzeria was a thin slice of Wow what a Pizza! I ate off that for days. My big kid was enjoying the sights and people watching, But wasn’t use to all that walking, she was starting to give out on me But i’m steady pushing her yo you can do it!.

Total Time: 25 – 30 min.

My most important opinion of Times Square: Get in, Get Out
My most important opinion of Brooklyn: Get Food 

Sayonara New York, Sayonfuckinara.



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