Real Female Energy. is CHAOs.

If I project my pain on you.. I apologize.
If you told me right from wrong and I didn’t follow your advice, forgive me.
If I didn’t keep it real with you.. i’m sorry.
If I didn’t appreciate you enough.. I appreciate you, I mean it.
If I tried to change you, it was only because I didn’t like myself.
If I annoyed you.. I just wanted your attention.
If I lied to you.. I just didn’t know how to open up and be honest.
If I wasted your precious time, forgive me again for I am extremely lost.
If I flip-flop on you, its just my way of showing I literally cant handle your version of real.
If I take advantage of your kindness, its because I just dont know how good I have it.
If your body is in pain due to absorbing my pain, Thank you for being strong for my weak ass.

I didn’t realize how hard the blows hit, Until they came back around to hit me.

beaten slave

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