Lets talk about SEX

    I want to thank the brave individuals that liked my post ChildhoodxSEXUALxTraumax. I followed it up with another post titled..
?ChildhoodXSexualXTrauma? With a HELLA popular video called Twerk by City Girls ft. Cardi B.

Now what most see.. Is basically softcore porn. Black women with fat asses showing the public basically how freak nasty we can make the ass move. But what I see.. Is broken women who never truly healed, Little Grown girls crying out for attention cause they bitch ass Daddy was a selfish piece of shit who wasn’t there for them.

And even if he was a good provider, When it came to protecting them from these sexual vultures, They severely lacked in putting them up on the game. I bet a dumb mofuca reading this right now saying to themselves “You just a hater. Why every time you drop some loving truth on a nigga, You a hater?? If you dont like it leave Dummy. It’s that simple.
I asked you Ladies, Gentlemen or Whatever you identify with a very personal question and y’all some real niggas.
I appreciate your honesty ❤️ 

What exactly is Childhood Sexual Trauma? I would define it as being Exposed to sex before you even no the proper term for your private area is Vagina or Penis and not Coo Coo OR Peen Peen. When you dont even no how to properly wipe yo ass, Yet you Exposed to some form of sex by either another Kid or Grown-up Kid who also lost their innocence.

    I dedicate this post to my older sister Yolanda who I never really knew because our Dad ran off and acted like she never existed. He was ashamed about getting her mother pregnant because she was only 15 years old. He claimed her mother lied about her age.. mm.. But as Yolanda got older..
Did he ever Check for her? Nope.

You a strong women Sis, Wherever you are I love you and hope you’re doing well. I internet stalked and saw you got married, Congratulations. I pray he treats you like a Queen.

My Big Sis

Now.. Even though my Dad was there for me materially and used to have me over his house on school breaks and weekends, He was still on his bullshit. I can remember hearing him in the Bedroom fucking his 18 year old sugar baby. She was the same age as his oldest son, My Brother Jeron. I’m laying on the couch in the living trying to sleep, But they got the stereo Blasting LSG “My Body”
like Fuck Me.
She screaming all EhhXXXtra loud “Oh Daddy!! Oh Daddy!!”

My nigga.. .. I was twelve.

    Here’s my story. Smile 😶.

Anton: “Come here real quick, Lets go upstairs
Me: For what??

A: “I want to show you something
M: Sigh”.. Okay

Anton, was my Mom friend Angie 13 year old son. Mom was somewhere in this house partying, drinking and carrying on
We was over Angie house. Angie had like 4 kids and my mother was attracted to her brother Rochelle.
She was over there thotting and plotting.

M: So what you want to show me?
A: Pull yo pants dwn”
M: What! boy No!
A: I won’t hurt you just do it.

Here I am a whole 8 years old in a pitch black upstairs room, About to get my innocence took.
Where was my  … oh yeah.

A: lay Down ..

I lay down on the floor mattress. Anton looking at me all beady eyed and horny as FUCK.

. I smelled so foul.

Embarrassed by the stench, I wouldn’t open my legs.


I caved in.. and I opened up. This boy start eating my lil coo coo like a Fucking Animal yo. Turning me THEE FUCK out.

I didn’t no what was happening But I knew it was wrong, But it felt so good, and Why the Fuck he wasn’t turned off by the smell? This nigga A Nasty lil Freak, Damn. I’m even more Nasty for smelling like that but my mom she won’t much of a personal hygiene buff.. “I get it from my MaMa”.

Only thoughts running through my mind.


A: Oh shit”

Anton pops up wid the quickness, wipes his Stank Freak mouth and scurries to find my lil shorts and skid marked panties.

M: Here I come Ma!!

We HAULED ASS downstairs..

Ma: What was y’all doing up there?
M: nuhthin..

I tried to look as innocent as possible. I must say, I was VERY skilled in the art of this shit..
Ahh Us Women.. Masters at manipulation smh.


cat sad

Where did Anton go?..
That nigga disappeared like a thief in the night..

You stay from up there you hear me?

M: Yes ma.

Mom goes back to her drunken high friends and probably went to suck off that nigga Rochelle somewhere.

I go and find the KIDS, Doing a Walk of Shame (A walk I had to do quite a bit in my younger Dumb life).

       So that my niggas, Is the first time I was Exposed to SEX. I couldn’t tell Mom the truth cause I’m not going to lie, I liked it smh. Like Lil Wayne said, When he was a kid he got his lil dick sucked and he liked it.. But like it or not It was still wrong, and Still molestation..

That thing called Sex, Done ruined a WHOLE lot of Kids lives and I’m grateful to God that through alllll the Fuck shit. I Healed.


Hide and go Get It. a Poem.

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