HIP HOP – 11 years ago

I would of graduated High School in 2007

Same year Lupe Fiascos “Dumb It Down” came out


Yeah.. he got the Vocab

So anyway real quick.. what I present here is a few award show looks from back in the day. and some other shit, Just for shits and giggles
jennifer lawrence

First off. This TI at the 2018 BET Hip Hop awards.. TI.. bruh You can’t tell me you feel like a King in these garden joints with the Dad Kicks



Dis nigga on the far-right shoes tho got damn! snap out of it cuz

Migos 2016 BET HIP HOP
Migos 2016 BET HIP HOP

Americas Favorite Actor/Rapper “Aubrey/Drake you better work Bitch”

Drake Teen Choice Early 2000s


Here is a collection of looks from the 2007 BET HIP HOP Awards. My punk ass was 17. I was suppose to graduate but I didn’t. I wasn’t walking that far fuck that… Don’t be like me kids, I mean I did get my G.E.D, but I missed some precious high school moments.. finish that shit.



Anyway, I remember Soulja Boy “Supersoak that hoe” FUN FACT: He was actually the first rapper nigga to create a huge ass following on the internet before Soundcloud and shit. Say what you want about this niggas music and lifestyle he did practically pave the way for these Soundcloud niggas. And look guys!! Dudes actually wore clothes that their nuts could breathe in.
Chingy “I like the way you do that right thurr” I cant lie, I would do the chicken head to this shit

I was 17 shut up, I was gettin’ it.. What happened to Hurricane Chris “Aye Bay Bay”, MIMS “This is why i’m hot” and Gorilla Zoe “Cause i’m a hood nigga”..

They got used and spit out by the machine that’s what the fuck happened. All you new niggas this is you in 2007.
Better get you a plan.

We got Lauren London, Keri Hilson, and Miss MC Lyte.
I must say.. all these women look very classy in 07.
Got a Kanye Performance a month before his mom died.
That was that nigga rock..
when she died..
he died.
Zombie shit.
you see it.

I can’t be the only nigga who see the shit. 
And cant forget about BIG BOI from Outkast, TI and Cassidy three dope ass Mcs.
Decent looks I guess..
I mean mufucas look comfortable at least..

Unlike this years BET HIP HOP awards 2018



Now deez mofucas look str8 out of a Comic Book titled “Powerful Niggatry.”
Big difference ehhh.
Zoom in get you a good look..
Are we really moving on up?
or are we moving on down?