Classical Poet Reject


Entered a contest a few years back called the Classical Poets Society here are my submissions. I didn’t win. They sent me a certificate for honorable mention. I got deep as hell on these shits.

Ancient Cultivation

What stands between the rivers of gold or crisp clean air of tomorrow?
Dark shades of gray and black becomes fields of sweet satisfaction
Sitting under the stars during these mystifying nights brings back childhood memories

Where every moment was savored every thought now layered of unexpected nuisances once blissful time’s great décor
Lightning strikes down
out the old in the new
who paved the way for tales of everlasting remembrances made in great honor

Ancestral lives marveling at the wonders of universal intelligence
Is it possible 2 wake up in a puddle of liquid electricity? and spark societies creativity abundantly filled with a zest for carefree?

He relays the message sent telepathically from the divine to the realm of physical deterioration and mental stagnation
Sees only what he can see
while she walks barefoot dewy grass under her feet
singing praises of thanks for the abilities Most take for granted.

Emptiness bottled up into a sizzling explosion of love once experienced believing in what is created not by human hands
but of something more grand
Feeling the splash of colors reds and oranges, yellows and greens
bathing in sensitive tenderness between the rain

washing all impurities away to begin anew
leading with the heart no stumbling barriers



Mortally Accelerate

Speak what needs to be spoken

invoke a feeling of intense emotion

Glitches piercing through magnetic waves

Is anyone out there in the land of the lost? those totally mesmerized and hypnotized by sensations

Words of encouragement empowerment devoured

Crown chakra filled with poisons break down perceptions

take notice of what’s unnoticed. go through a metamorphosis

To turn into an object of immense eye eruptions

Frozen with patience times a wasting

Virtuous beauty to mend the heart

For once can one take a minute to be authentic?

uniquely untapped essence of enlightenment to all darkness

Innocence now vile and perverted don’t want to hear it believe it’s already been heard yet ears

filled with plugged programs processing numbing word after word

Shape shift on planet earth to give birth to a new breed of thinkers open up the gates of heaven

black female


Hidden Codes

Pollute the hearts and minds of the people lest them be easier to propagate

Emancipate, perpetuate stereotypes one love, two hate

Misunderstand true motives misjudging in misalignment with the truth
Wear mask 
hiding not revealing because to expose would bring forth the opportunity to unbelieve our eyes

Erase the lies from the blue capsule there’s been a case of mistaken identity

Identify with a title of what you do. but who are you really?

the history, the eccentricity, push negativity, sensitivity desiring to be happy and live eternally claiming free but continually try to undermine who the creator created us to be

Marveling and feeding off our energy making life more complicated, less educated unappreciated losing the very fiber of what makes the human, human.

Mass extermination punishing

Our laws of life rewritten to fit

The agenda of disillusion and critical non awakening.

they live

ric flair



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