Inner Deems

Inner Deems
fears in ya dreams what does it all mean going insane
yo trippy ass brain
inner deems
wait in your dreams
inner deems
what does it all mean.
i had a dream last night woke up like i am spent
what was that i believe that my mind just bent
my mind is suffering from subliminal control
if you dont no mothafucka now you no
niggas stay sleeping yo claimin they woke
world got us chruncy no quiero taco
bell sounding off tell me can you hear the sound
hands up
get your black ass on the ground
who you praying to mothafuca whos your god?
dum di di da
did di did di
ddy da
la ti
lat ti da
did i da ti da ti da
lottity dotty we like to party
we like to pop molly shoot yo ass with the shotty
riding to yo gotti
A artists what they call me
bounce that ass like spalding
in my skin energy crawling
you dont no my name but you niggas sound the same
loser type ish all these niggas is so lame
knowledge of self,
do it for ya health,
that is truly wealth,
then you wear the belt,
observe shit from afar,
develop who you are,
look into the stars,
then you will go far,
quit placing all that blame

finger to the fame
learn how to play the game

cause its a got damn
I got two chains two chains two chains
i watch you whip i watch you nay nay
let me see you dip
now do the gay gay
ON the low these nigga like to sashay
these kids are fucked come get yo kids bay bay
of Social media
the children of corn exposed
products of environments
unsuitable for a healthy society we, we
dont understand the plan is in effect to create fragmented minds
and acceptance of immorality and bestiality criminalize act of being black
but true crimes against humanity never truly get any justice
can we say injustice
are you a man with the plan or you a man who like to sam bo
fight or flight
thriller thriller in the dark now come to the light
turn on your light and become a candle let the wax run down your body and pretend it is fear
leaving.. leaving… leaving