“Superstar” (*In My Dreams*)

XXShes a SuperstarXX

Camera cuts to the one everyone calls the queen i never understood why ppl gave titles like that to entertainers.
like.. they just entertain.
for some strange reason she keeps looking to the the right then to the left in a daze everyone can see her on the teleprompter..
someone must of said get the camera off of her.
the night is full of terrors.

its time for her to hit the stage.. wonder if she will be ok.
EVERYBODY give it up for the queen!
crowds goes ape shit me and my husband look at each other and shake our heads.
the queen approaches the stage, the light hits her and she snaps into character.
u see that shit?? my husband ask.  
after a few songs something happens to the queen, she looks out into the crowd and says THESE MOTHAFUCKAS DEMONS!
security comes and pulls her off the stage.
“HOLY shit! I scream out 
the host comes on to the stage to reassure everybody the queen is ok.
more performers hit the stage to take everyone’s mind off what just happened but theirs a strange energy in the air.
i always hated going to award shows.
after the show the queen approaches us in a disguise
“babe what the hell she coming over here for?”
the queen approaches us and says “i cant do this shit no more they got us under mind control”. she gives me and my husband a hug and says “yall jus felt real and never turn your back on god”.
where is she!! queen!! lets go!! her handler screamed as we watched her run away and fade into the darkness.
“wow.. media gone go crazy with this shit probably lie and saw she was just exhausted huh babe.
husband TURNED looked at me DEAD in my eyes and said..
Micheal Jackson.