Fighting my Flesh

I’m ready to just jump the fuck up out my flesh
To many en .. ti .. ties around me trying to block my bless
Like moths to a flame they be all up in my light
Straight dying for attention trying to get all in my sights.
I feel my body tingle sometimes down btween my thighs
My root chakra activates, this matter over mind.
How canIelevate
Beyond the physical
and connect
Connection through my soul
Want to reach the purest gold
This body is bitter cold
It done been through some shit
Of this you gt no load
Dont cha..
Dont i wish u would just get away from me
I can feel you vamping draining my energy
You claim u being nice
But u just want to play with me
Maybe get together and spend a day for free
bt that is until you see.
Im not for every body
Seeing me in your dreams
u wonder we what we could be.
Keep living in fantasy
This flesh will not defeat me.
I remain a mystery
Self control is mastery.