The rise of the female MC

::Babylon Traditions Magazine 007′::

Interviewer: So how you doing Ms. Kaaazmikkk Oddasseeeee 
What up doe, Good
I got some questions for you, you ready?
I aint never scared
So I heard you rap right?
I can do such things.
Yeah.. who can’t.
“Bitches on my dick
taken pics, pornos flicks, I don’t trip, money thicc
pockets lit, don’t trip, We the shit, Can’t touch this..
McHammer, McHammer..
Get the fuck from round here with that weed Bammer
only smoking loud where da Fucks yo manners?
World star baby my whole life is on camera.

So what you rap about? How good yo pussy is? How you the baddest bitch?

Made into another image seeing aint believing
transmitters all around me dont no what I’m receiving
one minute I’m one way
next minute my whole mood change

even when i’m out of range
living this is to strange

Ha!’ I guess we all got to struggle
My head is full blown gone the game is in trouble

no one will make it out alive anyway so fuck it 
don’t got time to be wasting worrying about NOTHIN’
My dad he don’t accept me for the choices I have made
a rebel to society I just can not behave
refuse to conform and be just like all these other slaves
Reptilian blood.. runnin’ through my veins
pain in my existence got me goin all insane
Growth requires change I will never be the same
break up out my chains this system is a shame
still, gone do my thang
WELCOME to my lane. 
Dammmmn excuse the fuck outta me” we got a writer on our hands.. what made you write that?
I was waking up..
So does dad accept you now?
Aye yo this chick got Bars I can actually break down son haha. “Lets get back to the topic of discussion..
Waiting on you
So do you think there is a rise of the the female mc?
Mainstream wise? Fuck no.. MCs kick knowledge.
Damn why you say that? Cardi B’s doin her thang First female rapper to hit #1 on the charts with no features since Lauryn hill, You got Remy ma, Lil kim and Nicki still doing they thang who else.. uhhh
UHHH.. Compared to how many men? and don’t say there isn’t any female mcs out there, there’s just as many as men, but since the wicked industry is ran by men, sexist men in particular, they are not going to allow to many bitches to have the top spot at once
Here we go, another hater.. “I no you like Jcole and he even gave Cardi advice on droppin her first album”
Tell me this.. If a female rapper has knowledge of self, Carried herself with class and spoke truthfully about her darkness, would she be popular? Made music that uplifts the spirit and wasn’t ashamed of her flaws, would she be popular? If her chest was flat and she had no ass but was still beautiful would she be popular?
Hell nawl!
My point exactly. Nigga Yes the fuck she would if she got that backing, But see the controllers decide who gets shine and who doesn’t. Obviously in todays world when it comes to female rappers unless you look like a stripper you can forget about becoming mainstream popular because thats not what the men in power want to see or you to see. 
Great, another fuckin conspiracy theorist..
Call it what you want but there is also no denying the fact that like sheep, people blindly follow what ever the fucks popular. They got a iphone, you want a iphone, She got a echo, you want a echo, He got an Alexa, you want an Alexa, a lambo, Some red bottoms. Most people don’t think for themselves anymore. Back to your original question.. Generally speaking, there is a rise in Hoe culture, a rise in being promiscuous and ratchet, A rise in disrespect for ones organic self, A rise in trans-humanism void of soul and compassion.
Dont get me wrong I listen to my ratchet shit too and give credit when its due, Cardi B has a great voice and can ride the beat so does Nicki, Remy has the voice but she cant switch up her flow and Lil Kim yo What the fuck happened to Lil kim who is this bitch?

She was cute man… Self-Hatred

There is an imbalance in popular music you hear mo ratchet shit than spiritual shit. I think growth and creativity is highly important when it comes to being an artist and How you present yourself to the world is important. These people are unconscious of the fact that one day they gone be old and that plastic is gone turn on em.
So image is important?
Apparently so is selling sex, and having a hit record. It’s obvious, they don’t give a shit about the craft, just want to please men. 
That goes right into my next question.. Why do you think so many females getting plastic surgery?
Insecurity and Trying to look good for men, man.. Its not rocket science, or should I say grown ass boys because a real man don’t give a fuck about that Barbie shit.
I personally don’t like all that fake shit, I have a daughter myself and I don’t want her to grow up thinking she isn’t worthy enough just to please a fucking man.
“Well I no you have to get going, this has been such a pleasure Ms. Oddasee I thank you for your time wow.. any last words before we close out and let us no when that album dropping..
Haha I see what you did there, “you aint ready mothafuca. I just got a short message for the young women and young minded women. You get more respect for being authentic.. That’s if you care about that sort of thing ;-).
Thank you Oddasee