Nocturnal Queen

This is the story of a night Queen
The night queen
Known for cre..ating art in the dark The stars
and the
Mooon light shining bright on the city
Nawwwwl mothafuca it aint pretty

Cuz shes a maniac

A modern what the fuck
all-hel im giving up
So what if i’m a punk
I need another puff
I do not like it rough

She wants to dance
and sing
and write
and dream
Wants to show the whole world
Something they aint never seen
But shes the night queen
She lets her actions feast
She is a work of peace
The rabbit hole goes deep Deep
O oh OOh O ooh O O O
O Oh ooh O O O’
Said O Oh ooh O ooh O O O
O oh ooh Oh Oh Oh’………….